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Ronaldo – "The Phenomenal"

  • One of the greatest footballers of all time​

  • ​Second highest scorer in World Cup history

  • ​Two-time FIFA World Cup Winner

  • ​Three-time FIFA World Player of the Year 

  • ​Two-time Ballon d’Or winner, the European Footballer of the Year

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Ronaldo Academy

Ronaldo Academy is the world’s premier network of football schools for the youth. It holds as its core objective spreading Ronaldo's ‘Phenomenal’ playing style throughout the globe. Through the Ronaldo football methodology, the Academy will stimulate young players to strive for their dreams, to thrive on the playing field, and to cultivate good life values.

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Anchored on Ronaldo’s great experience and unique football gifting, the Academy’s coaching methodology was designed by Ronaldo and experts in children’s pedagogy, youth physiology, and developmental psychology with the intention of teaching the highest standard of football skills while simultaneously also transmitting the positive values of the game. 

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