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- Club Partnership -

  • Excellent opportunity to provide your members with a healthy and wholesome ongoing program.

  • Program to be made available to your members within the convenience of their membership club leisure facilities.

  • Add significant value to your club’s sports, fitness, and leisure programs.

  • Ronaldo Academy will provide the program on a turn-key basis.


Cooperate with us today with the objective of making the international-pedigree, highest-quality, and global-branded Ronaldo Academy Hong Kong football classes conveniently available to your members and patrons.

Be a Ronaldo Academy partner today!

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The American Club

The Dynasty Club

Hong Kong Parkview

YMCA of Hong Kong

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the age range for Ronaldo Academy students?
    Answer: Ronaldo Academy teaches football skills and life values for children and youth between 4 and 17 years of age. The specific age groupings for each class are tailored according to the specific needs.

  • Does my club need to have a football pitch to host Ronaldo Academy classes?
    Answer: No. Consistent with the Ronaldo Academy Brazilian style where football is played anywhere and anytime the classes may be held on any reasonable open space including indoor and outdoor facilities of various surfaces - including cement, wood, and grass. Ronaldo Academy classes are held in basketball courts, volleyball courts, badminton courts, tennis courts, playgrounds, and even on the beach.

  • What happens if my club does not have an open space where classes may be held?
    Answer: The club may partner with Ronaldo Academy in offering Ronaldo Academy classes held outside the club and at a venue arranged and procured by Ronaldo Academy.

  • What happens if a class is full and additional members would like to register their children?
    Answer: Ronaldo Academy will start a new class on a reasonable date and time to cater to the demand.

  • Will Ronaldo Academy take insurance for the respective classes?
    Answer: Yes. The Ronaldo Academy will undertake appropriate (public liability) insurance for the classes.

  • Are Ronaldo Academy Head Coaches trained in the Ronaldo Academy methodology?
    Answer: Yes. All Ronaldo Academy Head Coaches not only hold excellent credentials but also undertake dedicated and highly professional training on the Ronaldo Academy methodology.

  • Is the Ronaldo Academy methodology special?
    Answer: The Ronaldo Academy methodology is unique and exceptional. It was developed by the legendary Ronaldo himself with contributions from experts in the field of children and youth physiology, psychology, and pedagogy.

  • What are some of the major achievements of Ronaldo as a football player?
    Answer: Ronaldo is a two-time World Cup winner for Brazil, three-time World Player of the Year, two-time European Player of the Year, and the second-highest scorer in World Cup history. Ronaldo is one of the greatest footballers, athletes, and personalities of all time.

  • Does Ronaldo have any other involvement with children and the youth?
    Answer: Yes. Among other major undertakings and roles, Ronaldo was a UNICEF ambassador.

  • Is the Ronaldo Academy system tested in Hong Kong?
    Answer: Yes. The Ronaldo Academy has held classes in more than twenty venues in Hong Kong - including major residential properties, international and local schools, and clubs.

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