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There are many, many very good reasons to sign up for Ronaldo Academy football classes!

However, below we list five reasons:

  1. Provide your child/children consistently with a very enjoyable, healthy, and fun activity

  2. Develop a love for sports and acquire core values such as teamwork, sportsmanship, and respect

  3. Introduce key and very important moral and ethical values and capabilities preeminent in football and of foundational importance for flourishing and thriving such as perseverance, resilience, grit, collaboration, discernment, decision making, independence, confidence, and obedience 

  4. Provide an outstanding opportunity to learn and practice social skills 

  5. Gift them with a natural, seamless, and highly effective platform to learn and practice communicating in English

  6. Provide them with good physical exercise which is critically important for their long-term health

  7. Give them an outstanding activity of stress release and relaxation

  8. Develop a solid athletic foundation and guide them in learning core football skills

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R9 Team Training

Every Saturday


Junior Soccer Teams_edited_edited.jpg

Hong Kong Parkview

Every Saturday



Bamboo Grove

Every Saturday




Every Tuesday





At the convenience of your preferred day, time, and location (HK / KLN / NT)

  • One-to-one private lessons

  • Group private lessons

  • Adult and child private lessons

Soccer Practice

Ronaldo Academy may issue certificates based on students' attendance, performance, and achievements. Course participants who have attained a class attendance rate of 80% or above* will be awarded a “Certificate of Achievement”. 


The Certificate of Achievement will normally be issued to participants within 14 working days after the respective course.

*3 months as a term

Student of the Month

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